char-stephenson asked: "Can I make a Kaya Scodelario FC? If so, reserve her face? :3"

Their is already a kaya scodelario character called Noah. If you look in the characters link on the main page you’ll find her. We don’t do reserves but we will wait for your app :)

sparkling-chaos asked: "[ Is it possible that I can use an OC? o 3 o ]"

Sure :) 

Anonymous asked: "can we have a character with Susan Coffey? please."

Added to the list :)

Reece Faith | 19 | lucy hale | Taken 

Introduce yourself.

Hi! Well, what can I say? Let’s start with my name, well that would be Reece. I’m a true party girl and would never miss the chance to get a little tipsy.

How are you enjoying your time so far at the academy?

I’m loving it! I can’t wait to officially meet everyone so the fun can finally begin.

What is your biggest turn on?

A person who’s not afraid to have a good time. That isn’t scared to be embarrassed … that type of thing.

Give one good reason to join this academy.

Well once everyone gets here, we’re gonna have some partys! And it’s going to get crazy.






Attention seeking


Anonymous asked: "miley fc?"

We’ll add her to the list